Debs and weddings can be stressful enough without having to worry about your hair. M Style offers hair styling services guaranteed to show your hair off at its best, whether you like it straightened or curled, up or down. Using back-combing techniques to up the volume and sprays and gels to fix your do, you’ll be looking fabulous for whatever the occasion, with every hair perfectly in place.

Perming and Setting

For those with fine straight hair who fancy a little more volume in their life, perming or ‘permanent waving’ can do the trick. Usually using rods or rollers, hair is twirled and tweaked into curly locks and set with perming lotion, creating a permanent wave which can vary in shape depending on what you’re after. Though the wave is long lasting, it will need to be re-done as it grows out. At the other end of the spectrum, natural curls can be permanently straightened into smooth and sleek hair, so anyone can swap their hairdo to suit their taste.